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Starry Night

Starry Night

Capturing the essence of a clear, winter night sky is so easy with glass vases and strings of battery operated micro-dot lights! What a way to wow-up your winter décor.

Shopping List

  • glass containers large enough to place your hand in to paint and to lay the battery pack for the lights flat on the bottom.
  • black magic marker 5740-468
  • Mirror Effect spray paint 1720-069
  • painter’s tape 1670-130
  • aluminum foil 4411-416
  • battery operated warm white micro-dot lights 5640-051

Here’s How

  • Thoroughly clean the inside of glass containers according to Mirror Spray directions.
  • Measure and mark the desired height of the mirror effect on the outside of each container.
  • On the inside, place tape above the marked line, ensuring it is straight.
  • Place foil inside container at tape line to cover area that is not to be sprayed. Secure with tape.
  • Spray the inside with Mirror Spray paint. Apply many light coats for best result. Wipe nozzle often to prevent drips.
  • Remove the tape and foil. Place lights inside. Note that 2-4 sets may be required depending on container size.