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Build an Island Retreat

Build an Island Retreat

Build this brilliant custom island for your dream kitchen using Owner’s Choice cabinetry that is available exclusively at Home Hardware and Building Centre locations.

What You’ll Need

  • tape measure 1048-291
  • driver drill kit 1240-134
  • brad nailer 1282-946
  • table saw 1346-634
  • mini pocket hole jig kit 1261-725
  • Download Template.
  • BD 18” cabinets 1 x 2516-756, 1 x 2517-024
  • BD 24” cabinets 2 x 2516-764, 3 x 2517-025
  • island countertop: 84” x 40” flat work finished all 4 sides with buildup (optional solid core for overhang)
  • roll out table countertop: 23” x 24” flat work finished all 4 sides with buildup
  • 34” plywood
  • 34” plywood finished one side
  • 12” plywood finished one side
  • 2” x 4” pine
  • bolts
  • screws
  • pan head screws
  • wood glue 2020-071
  • castors 2 x 2325-267 (swivel with brake), 2 x 2325-266 (rigid)
  • wood filler 0000-000
  • sandpaper 1061, 1078
  • Beauti-Tone Acryl-lok Primer Sealer 1850-241
  • Beauti-Tone Designer Series Cabinet and Furniture paint 1880-432440

Here’s How

  1. Assemble all cabinets. Bolt or screw the two BD24 units together.
  2. Build inside back and end walls using 34” plywood. Screw to the cabinets from inside the cabinets.
  3. Build the exterior back and end wall using 34” plywood finished one side. * * Attach to the two BD24 cabinets with a wood I beam spacer for rigidity.
  4. Frame the end that will house the roll out table using 12” plywood finished one side. The face frame is 3”.
  5. The toe kick is one piece of 12” plywood.
  6. The false drawer fronts are secured from inside the end unit.
  7. Frame the back and end using decorative pine that is sized to match the front extensions.
  8. Cut off the top drawer section of the BD 18” cabinet using a table saw. Frame the top with plywood.
  9. The roll out table is built from 2” x 4” pine fastened together using a pocket hole jig and pan head screws. Use triangular corner bracing to screw the tabletop in place.
  10. Attach the castors. Note: Grind the fastening plate if it is too wide.
  11. The countertop can be screwed down from several areas and additional bracing can be added if necessary to secure the ends.
  12. Optional: fasten decorative end corbels.
  13. Apply Beauti-Tone Acryl-lok Primer Sealer over knots before painting with * * Beauti-Tone Designer Series Cabinet and Furniture paint in the colour of your choice.