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2020 Deck Trends

2020 Deck Trends

With summer lasting only a few months, Canadians want to make the most of their time and enjoy the warm weather in a stylish space. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite design ideas for 2020 that will transform your outdoor living space.

Trend 1: Play with Colour

In 2020, homeowners are continuing to embrace colour and this is shaping up in their outdoor living spaces. With an endless array of selection, you can accent your décor with complimentary and contrasting colours.

When selecting colours for your outdoor deck, try Beauti-Tone Wood Shield Exterior Stain. This solid or semi-transparent stain allows the natural texture of the wood to shine through in endless colours, including three pre-mixed: redwood, cedar, and walnut.

Trend 2: Choose Longevity

The last thing any homeowner wants is to invest money into a project that won’t stand the test of time. Composite decking has become increasingly popular because of its longevity. Brands like Trex, Azek and Fiberon Decking offer supreme quality. The advantage in composite decking is that it is virtually maintenance free and requires no stains or sealants. It is also resistant to moisture, insects and sunlight.

Trend 3: Create an Outdoor Oasis

​Before you begin drafting your design, consider what colours would help to create an outside oasis. With social distancing in effect, it has become more important to create an outdoor living space that is both practical and calming.

A unique way that home owners can achieve this melding their indoor and outdoor décor is with colours that are reflected outside. Beauti-Tone offers a wide variety of colours in their National Parks of Canada Colour Collection inspired by the breathtaking scenery of our country. Infuse colour by painting flowerpots, benches for seating and DIY décor.

You can paint these beautiful colours both indoors and outdoors to achieve a beautiful, consistent and welcoming living space.

Trend 4: Architectural Design

One of the biggest trends for 2020 is incorporating architectural design in decking. Gone are the days where decks are thought of as traditional planks with vertical and horizontal lines. Beautiful architecture encompasses stunning curves, vibrant borders and intricate patterns.

Composite decking is great for curved borders because the product molds to any shape the homeowner desires. Meanwhile traditional lumber is fantastic because of its affordability and how it can be used to achieve beautiful patterns such as herringbone and chevron.

Make the most of your time outside by upgrading your deck with a few of these trends and enjoy for years to come.